The philosophical grammar

Publication Date1735
Remainderbeing a view of the present state of experimented physiology, or natural philosophy. In four parts. Part I. Somatology, treateth of the universal Nature and Properties of Matter, or Substance, and the specifick Qualities of natural Bodies. Part II. Cosmology, exhibiteth a general View of the Universe, and its great constituent parts; the Sun, Moon, Planets, Comets, fix'd Stars, &c. Part III. Aerology, compriseth the Philosophy of the Atmosphere, shewing the wonderful Nature and Properties of the Air, Wind, Meteors, and other Phaenomena therein. Part IV. Geology, containeth a philosophical View of the terraqueous Globe, in all its Parts and Productions; as Minerals, Metals, Stones, &c. The Laws of Fluids; the Sea, its Tides, &c. Of Rivers, Springs, &c. Of Vegetation, and the Nature of Plants, Trees, &c. [illegible] the Parts of animal Bodies; and a Survey of the Nature of Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Insects, Reptiles, Shell-Animals, &c. The whole extracted from the Writings of the greatest Naturalists of the last and present Age, treated in the familiar Way of Dialogue, adapted purposely to the Capacities of the Youth of both Sexes; and adorned and illustrated with Variety of Copper-Plates, Maps, &c. Several of which are entirely new, and all easy to be understood. By Benj. Martin, [greek text]
Extentxxx,[2],322,[14]p.,plates, tables
Publisherprinted for J. Noon, at the White-Hart in Cheapside, near Mercers-Chapel





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