A new compleat and universal system or body of decimal arithmetick

Publication Date1763
Remaindercontaining, I. The whole doctrine of decimal numbers, not only the Plain and Terminate, but also such as Repeat or Circulate ad Infinitum; and a Plain but Perfect Management of both, laid down and explained in all the Fundamental Rules of Plain Arithmetick, and by Logarithms. II. The Application and Use of Decimal Arithmetick in all the Parts or Branches of Arithmetical Science; viz. Vulgar Arithmetick, Vulgar Fractions, Deodecimal, and Sexagisimal Arithmetick; also in Algebra and Logarithms. In all which its Excellency and absolute Necessity is fully evinced. III. Its Application and Use in all such Parts of the Mathematicks as absolutely require its Assistance; viz. Plain Trigonometry, and the Arts depending thereon; as, Navigation, Fortification, Altimetry, and Longimetry; Also the Mensuration of all Kinds of Superficies and Solid Bodies; and the Arts resulting therefrom; as, Guaging, Surveying, &c. IV. A New and compleat Sett of Decimal Tables never before published, shewing by inspection the Value of all Kinds of Decimals (without the tedious Methods of Reductions hitherto used) to four or six Places of Figures; Also all the Common Tables very much inlarged, corrected, and improved; wherein all the Circulating Numbers are marked. With all other Tables of Interest, Annuities, Exchange, &c. necessary to render the Work compleat. V. An exact and accurate canon of logarithms, for natural Numbers. And thro' the Whole, several Things new and useful, not here express'd. By Benjamin Martin
Publisherprinted for George Keith, in Grace-Church-Street



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