Culpepper revived

Publication Date1733
RemainderBeing an almanack for the year of Our Blessed Saviour's incarnation, 1733. And from the creation of the world, according to the best of ecclesiastical history, 5682. Being the first from bissextile or leap-year. Wherein is briefly shewn the general state of the year, the solar ingresses, eclipses, full sea at London Bridge, terms, and their returns, the Sun and Moon's rising and setting, with useful observations, and probable alterations of the air. Also the certain time of any mart or fair in any city or town in England, with a description of the most eminent roads therein. To which is added rules for physick and husbandry, with many other useful observations necessary for the compleating such a work. Calculated for the meridian of the famous university and town of Cambridge, where the pole Artick is elevated above the horizon 52d. 17m. but may serve for any other part of Great-Britain. By Nathanael Culpepper student in physick and the c?lestial science
PublisherPrinted by J. Janeway for the Company of Stationers



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