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Publication Date1790
Remainder(and by particular desire.) At the Theatre, Maidstone, This present Tuesday Evening, October 19, 1790, Will be performed a Theatrical Entertainment, called As You Like It, Consisting of Readings and Recitals, Comic and Serious, From our most approved English Authors. And a Variety of Theatrical Imitations, Of the favourite London Actors, By Mr. Wetherhead, (from the Theatre-Royal, Bath.) With Singing, by Mr. Birkett, (principal Vocal Performer at the Royalty Theatre, London.) Part First, Introductory Address, by Mr. Wetherhead, New Song-``wooden Walls of Old England,'' by Mr. Birkett, Garrick's Farewell Address to the Audience On his quitting the Stage, after performing the Character of Don Felix, in the Comedy of The Wonder, A New Song-``the Main with Darkness mantled o'er,'' The humourous Description of a Covent Garden Frolic. Part Second, The favourite Song of ``blue Eye'd Patty,'' The Comic Story of John Gilpin, The bold Linen-Draper of Cheapside, with his Adventures on Horse-Back from London to Ware, shewing how he went farther and faster than he intended, and his safe arrival at home at last. New Song-``the Gallant Sailor,'' Theatrical Imitations, The late Mr. Foote, in Major Sturgeon, Mr. Weston, in Thomas, in the Irish Widow, Mr. Woodward, in Ranger-Mr. Barry, in Oronooko, And Mr. Garrick; in Hamlet, and Richard the Third. Part Third. The much-admired Song, by Dibdin, Called-``poor Jack.'' ``the Beggar's Petition,'' a Favorite Reading, Theatrical Imitations. Mr. King in Lord Ogleby, Mr. Dodd in Lord Trinket, Mr. Quick in Tony Lumpkin, Mr. Wroughton in Altamont, Mr. Bensley in Horatio, and the late Mr. Garrick in Lord Hastings. New Hunting Song-``the Morning is charming.'' Hippesley's Drunken Man, The whole to conclude with The London Theatre displayed, Boxes 2s. Pit, 1s: 6d. Gallery 1s. The Doors to be opened at Half Past-Five, and begin at Half past Six o'clock: Tickets to be had at Mr. Blake's Printing Office, and at the principal Inns
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PublisherBlake's Printing Office

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