Vox stellarum: or, a loyal almanack for the year of human redemption, 1772

Publication Date1772
RemainderBeing the Bissextile or Leap-Year. In which is contained all Things fitting for such a work; as, A Table of Terms and their Returns; The Full, Changes, and Quarters of the Moon; the Rising, Southing, and Setting of the Seven Stars, and other Fixed Stars of Note; the Moon's Age, and A Tide Table fitted to the same: The Rising and Setting of the Sun; the Rising, Southing, and Setting of the Moon; Mutual Aspects, Monthly Observations, and many other Things, useful and profitable. Unto which are added, Astrological Observations on the Four Quarters of the Year; an Hieroglyphic alluding to these present Times; a remarkable Chronology; the Eclipses, and other Matters both curious and profitable. With a particular Judgment of visible Eclipses; and many other Things relating to Astrology. By Francis Moore, Physician.
Publisherprinted by James Bettenham, for the Company of Stationers



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