Vox Stellarum: or, A loyal almanack for the year of human redemption, 1743

Publication Date1743
RemainderBeing the third after bissextile or leap-year. In which is contained all things fitting for such a work; as, a table of terms and their returns; the fulls, changes, and quarters of the Moon; the rising, southing, and setting of the seven stars, and other fix'd stars of note; the Moon's Age, and a tide-table, fitted to the same; the rising and setting of the Sun; the rising, southing and setting of the Moon; mutual aspects, monthly observations, and many other things useful and pleasant. Unto which are added, astrological observations on the four quarters of the year; an hieroglyphick alluding to these present times, some observations on the late Comet. A remarkable chronology; the eclipses, and other matters both curious and profitable. By Francis Moore, physician
PublisherPrinted by James Bettenham, for the Company of Stationers



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