Vox stellarum; being an almanack for the year of human redemption 1710, it being the second after bissextile, or leap-year

Publication Date1710
RemainderWherein is contained, first, a table of the terms with their returns; secondly a table of all the kings and queens reigns, from K. Egbert to this present reign; as also the fulls, changes, and quarters of the Moon, her rising and setting, time of high-water at near one hundred ports, the rising, setting, and southing of the seven stars, with other fixed stars of note; the rising and setting of the Sun, mutual aspects and weather, with astrological observations, eclipses, and a large chronology of many remarkable things: the like not extant. Unto which is added, a strange and wonderful prophecy concerning these times; an account how Switzerland was divided into Cantons. Likewise a strange hieroglyphick in two parts; the upper part is an army in battalia, having a union-flag, on which is written PAX, advancing towards a man with a crown on his head, and his hands tied behind him; the lower part is a Ram, several lambs, and a Dragon: with the meaning of all, and worth the reader's observation. This almanack is rectify'd chiefly to the Meridian of London, whose latitude is 51 degrees, 32 minutes north, but will serve for any part of Great-Britain or Ireland. By Francis Moore, licens'd physician, and student in astrology
PublisherPrinted by T. Hodgkin, for the Company of Stationers



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