A short account of the venereal disease

Publication Date1719
RemainderWith observations on the nature, symptoms, and cure; and the bad consequences that attend by ill management; with proper admonitions to such as do, or may, labour under this misfortune. Together with some hints on the practical scheme, his methods and medicines expos'd, and the gross impositions therein detected. To which is added, a short account of old gleets, and other weaknesses; and the reason why they are so seldom cured: with the author's method of cure. As also an account of specificks; the use and abuse of the name, and how it covers ignorance and a cheat. The whole design'd for publick good. The third edition. By Joseph Cam, M.D
PublisherPrinted for, and sold by G. Strahan against the Royal Exchange, W. Mears without Temple-bar, C. King in Westminster-hall, T. Norris on London-bridge, C. Rivington at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard, and J. Baker against Hatton-garden in Holborn


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