The infallibility of human judgment

Publication Date1724
RemainderIts Dignity and Excellency. Being A New Art of Reasoning, and discovering Truth, by reducing all disputable Cases to general and self-evident Propositions. Illustrated, by bringing several well known Disputes to such Self-Evident and Universal Conclusions. With The Supplement, answering all Objections which have been made to it, and the Design hereby perfected, in proving this Method of Reasoning to be as forcibly conclusive and universal as Arithmetick, and as easie. Also a Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity. The Fourth Edition. To which is now added, A Postscript, obviating the Complaints made to it, and to account for some Things which occurr'd to it and the Author. By Mr. Lyons
Publisherprinted, and are to be sold by J. Brotherton at the Bible in Cornhill



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