This is to inform those that can read, and those that cannot read, but will hear. At the theatrical shew-shop, or butcher's shop, James-Street, Hay-Market

Publication Date1780
RemainderWhere Mr. Punch and his wooden-headed Family hack and butcher Common Sense. A little after Owl-Light the Game will begin First, A dish of capers on the Tight Rope by the Master Lawrences, and some celebrated in that art. Secondly, Singing by several clear and good pipes, after the manner of the Moderns, as the antient Method is quite exploded, Thirdly, Several new balances on the slack wire by Mr. Lawrence, who will toss the straw from head to foot to heel; and so to all parts of his body, till it falls on the terrestial globe. Fourthly, By a Company of-some with heads right-and some with heels light. The first of this class will perform a new piece, called piety in pattens; or, Comedy and Tragedy at War. Where our dismal Troop will out-do their usual out-doings By the second, will be some Tumbling, a-la-mode a-flip-flap, with such agility, that their right ends cannot be distinguished from the wrong. The Master Lawrences exhibit the most amazing Somerset Pieces, in quite a different manner to what has been seen on any Stage in England; they likewise perform the Italian Table Tricks, without spring-boards or tramplings, &c. A hornpipe in taste, by Master Lawrence, seven years of age, who will accompany himself on the Violin. Here will be given a Pantomime, in Grotesque Characters, called The Witch of Ender, or Nest of Witches, With Harlequin's Escape over the Gallery. Harlequin, by Don Parsloe; Furiosa, by Diagobabinetto; Don Crackemaralio, Signor Presto Jean; Don Arbobeco, by Cracomaropo; Vampomni by Don Vampo. Columbine, by Donna Larione; Cledpare the Clown, by Don Jefferies; Attendants, by Donna Collingham, Miss Twine, Miss Twist, and Madam Lightfoot, from Italy. First or highest seats, 2d. Second, or Middle Gallery, 4d. Third, or Pit, 6d. Fourth, or Boxes, 1s. The what we call a Theatre to be illuminated with lights. We shall begin exactly as the curtain is drawn up, and the whole to conclude with, being ended---``Laugh where we must, be candid where we can.''
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