Sadler's Wells performance. Front seats 1s. ---- Middle seats 6d. ---- Children and servants 3d. By Royal authority. During the time of this fair, in a commodious booth Sieur Rea sen. and sons

Publication Date1793
RemainderJust arrived from the Royalty Theatre, London, but last from Oxford, and who had the Honour to exhibit by the express Desire of their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of York, at the Palace in Newmarket, on Thursday the 8th of November, 1792, and is happy to observe, that his performance met with the highest approbation from their Royal Highnesses and their Family, The Philosophical, Mathematical, and Mechanical Amusements, and the Astonishing, Wonderful, Surprizing, and Unparallelled Deceptions and Recreations of the Celebrated Sieur Rea sen. whose Performance repeatedly drew crowded and brilliant Audiences in London, and met with unbounded Applause. His Exhibitions are entirely new, and not to be equalled in Europe, and totally divested of Confederacy, or the assistance of Spring Tables, &c. And for Real Merit, Novelty, Whim, and Humour, are the first upon the List of Candidates for public Inspection. To the above Performance will be added, several Feats of Agility of Body, by the Venetian Youth and Child of Promise, Both from the above Theatre. Which will be exhibited in a Stile superior to any thing performed before. In addition to which, will be exhibited the Mechanical Museum, Which exhibits the following unparallelled Pieces of Clock - Work. 1. The Lilliputian Ringers, Who perform in a beautiful fancy Temple, and ring a complete Peal of 108 Changes of Grandsire Bob on six Bells; likewise several Tunes, being the only piece of Mechanism which can perform the like. II. The King going to St. Paul's Church. Attended by the Lords, Commons, and Respective Nobility, in their Coaches, together with the Life Guards, Body Guards, and the Ringers ringing at the same time, God save the King
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