A catalogue of a magnificent collection of prints, selected from that noble cabinet, in Paris, of Monsieur Mariette, before they were offered to the public

Publication Date1776
RemainderContaining the most beautiful impression of Rubens, Vandyck, Marc Antonio and other great masters. Also the finest and scarcest English portraits, By Faithorne, Pass, Loggan, and other curious and fine masters: likewise exceeding fine and rare English portraits in Metzotinto, by Loggan, Gascar, Faithorne, Becket, Smith, Faber, &c. &c. &c. The whole comprising one of the finest collections ever offered for sale, both for fineness and rarity. Which now will begin to be sold, this April 1776 (till all is sold) at the Magazin des Estampes, in Cockspur-Street, facing the Haymarket, next to Mr. Pinchbeck's repository, where catalogues may be had at 2s. 6d. each, as also at Mr. Pinchbeck's abovemention'd

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