Five several schemes of Christian religion

Publication Date1738
RemainderAccording to the diverse representations thereof in several periods of time. With a view to those words of Christ, Luke xxiv. 47.- That repentance, and remission of sins should be preached in his name, among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. Scheme I. The representation of Christianity among the primitive Christians before St. Augustin and Pelagius, i. e. before A.D. 404. Scheme II. The doctrine of Christianity among orthodox Christians after St. Augustin, and before Peter Lombard, i. e. between 404 and 1141. Scheme III. The doctrine of Christianity as taught by orthodox Christians from Peter Lombard to Luther, i.e. from 1141 to 1517. Scheme IV. The doctrine of Christianity among orthodox Christians from Luther and the reformation, i. e. from 1517. Scheme V. The doctrine of Christianity without consideration of and opinions occasionally obtaining, according to the truths of nature, and the truths of revelation
PublisherPrinted for H. Whitridge, at the Corner of Castle Alley in Cornhill

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