Wagstaff's new catalogue of rare old books

Publication Date1772
RemainderCollected and imported since December 1771. Consisting of a Matchless Collection Of such Articles as are seldom seen, unless in the Libraries of the Greatest Connoisseurs. Which will begin to be sold on Monday next, Nov. 2, 1772. By George Wagstaff, (A Lover and Preserver of Antiquity) at his Shop in Bricklane, the Corner of Brown's-Lane, Spitalfields, near the Church, exceeding cheap. For ready Money only. The lowest Price printed to each Article in the Catalogue. Mr. Wagstaff returns his most respectful Thanks to all his former Customers; and begs Leave to assure them, that any farther Commands will be esteemed a singular Favor, and with the greatest Readiness and Punctuality complied with. He flatters himself that there are many Articles in this Catalogue worthy of the Notice the Curious, to whose impartial Judgment he submits them, without prostituting his Veracity, or tiring their Patience with the Repetitions of the Words, Scarce, Rare, &c. &c. Catalogues may be had of the following Booksellers; viz. Ridley, St. James's-Street; Law, St. Martin's Church-Yard; Wilkie, St. Paul's Church-Yard; Cook, near the Royal-Exchange; of the Booksellers of Oxford and Cambridge, and at the Place of Sale: Where the full Value is given for any Library or Parcel of Books


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