An essay on civil government

Publication Date1776
Remainderin which the Right of chusing Officers and Members of Parliamnt, for the City and Corporation of London, is shewn to be anciently and unalienably vested in the Freemen at large, or the Whole Commonalty of Citizens; from whom it has been Unconstitutionally taken and transferred to the Livery. Inscribed to Sir William Withers, Lord Mayor of London; By Dr. William King, late Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, Keeper of the Records, and Vicar-General, to the Lord Primate, of Ireland, &c. To which is added A Remonstrance with the Court of Common-Council, On their presenting the freedom of the City to Dr. Price, for his Observations on Civil Liberty; Setting forth the inconsistency of their concern for the Liberties of the Americans, while they trample on the Rights and Privileges of their Fellow-Citizens
Publisherprinted for J. Wheble, opposite St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-Street


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