A treatise of the sinne against the Holy Ghost. Or A caveat for sinners, and glasse for the godlesse

Publication Date1614
Remainderwarning them to take heed of the steps to death, and hell beneath. Necessary and profitable, expecially for all prophane, wicked and impenitent liuers, proud speakers, and railers, that they may learne not to blaspheme in these times, wherein the light of the spirits is most clearely manifested. Grounded vpon the words of Christ, Luk. 12.10 vnto him that shall blaspheme the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiuen
Extent[18], 111, [1] p.
Publisherprinted by Nicholas Okes, and are to be sold by Nath: Newbery, at his shop vnder S. Peters Church in Corne-hill


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