The 2. of September

Publication Date1622
RemainderTwo great battailes very lately fought, the one betweene Count Mansfield, and Don Cordua the Spanish Generall, since his arrivall in Brabant, wherein Don Cordua was defeated; and the Duke of Brunswicke behaved himselfe most valiantly, having three horses slaine vnder him. The other, betweene Spinola and Berghen op Zoom, wherein those of the towne hath made a very great slaughter vpon the Spaniards onely, so that it is thought, their Chiefe Generall Don Lewis de Valasco is slaine, with many other of great account. With Mansfields and the Duk of Brunswicks arrivall at Bredavv, certaine thousand of the states forces staying there to attend their comming, to ioyne with them, intending some new exployt. Also another skirmish, which hath happened betweene Don Cordua, and those of the towne of Berghen op Zoom, since his arrivall; with the cutting off a dyke by the states forces, betweene Antwerpe and Berghen op Zoom, which hath stopt the bringing of provision to the leagure; with the arrivall of many thousand men at Lillo vpon some exployt; with the imprisonment of the Governour of Berghen, being brought to the Hague. Lastly, the late proceedings in the Palatinate, with the raysing of the siege of Heydelbergh and Rochell; also the late occurrences in France, and divers other parts of Christendome
Extent[2], 19, [1], p.
Publisherprinted by I. D[awson]. for Nicholas Bourne and Thomas Archer, and are to be sold at their shops at the Exchange, and in Popes-head Pallace


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