A prospect of the most famovs parts of the vvorld

Publication Date1627
RemainderTogether with that large Theater of Great Brittaines empire. Viz. Asia, 3 Affrica, 5 Europe, 7 America, 9 With these kingdomes therein contained, Grecia, 11, Roman Empire, 13 Germanie, 15 Bohemia, 17 France, 19 Belgia, 2 Spaine, 23 Italie, 25 Hungarie, 27 Denmarke, 29 Poland, 31 Persia, 33 Turkish Empire, 35 Kingdom of China, 37 Tartaria, 39 Sommer Ilands, 41 Ciuill Warrs, in England, Wales, and Ireland. You shall find placed in the beginning of the second booke marked with these . and (5) Together with all the prouinces, counties and shires, contained in that large theater of Great Brittaines Empire. Performed by Iohn Speed
Extent[2], 44, 5-146, [10] p.
Publisherprinted by Iohn Dawson for George Humble, and are to be sold at his shop in Popes-head Pallace



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