New logarithmes

Publication Date1626
RemainderThe first inuention whereof, was, by the Honourable Lo: Iohn Nepair Baron of Marchiston, and printed at Edinburg in Scotland, anno: 1614. In whose vse was and is required the knowledege of albraicall addition and subtraction, according to [cross symbol] an -these being extracted from and out of them (they being first ouer seene, corrected, and amended) requite not at all any skill in algebra, or cossike numbers, but may be vsed by euery one that can onely adde and subtract, in whole numbers, according to the common or vulgar arithmeticke, without an consideration or respect of [cross symbol] and-
Extent[122] p.
PublisherIohn Speidell, professor of the Mathematickes, and are to bee solde at his dwelling house in the Fields, on the backe side of Drury Lane, betweene Princes streete and the new Playhouse. The 8. impression


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