The vnlouelinesse, of loue-lockes. Or, A summarie discourse, proouing: the wearing, and nourishing of a locke, or loue-locke, to be altogether vnseemely, and vnlawfull vnto Christians

Publication Date1628
RemainderIn which there are likewise some passages collected out of fathers, councells, and sundry authors, and historians, against face-painting; the wearing of supposititious, poudred, frizled, or extraordinary long haire; the inordinate affectation of corporall beautie: and womens mannish, vnnaturall, impudent, and vnchristian cutting of their haire; the epidemicall vanities, and vice of our age. By William Prynne, Gent. Hospitij Lincolniensis
Extent[24], 63, [1] p.


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