The Christian synagogue

Publication Date1636
RemainderVVherein is contained the diverse reading, the right pointing, translation, and collation of Scripture with Scripture. With the customes of the Hebrews and proselytes, and of all those nations with whom they were conversant. Digested into three bookes. The first, shewing the meanes both inward and outward, to attaine to the knowledge of the sense of the whole Scripture. The second, unfoulding the true suense of the Scripture it selfe, as also teaching the right way of gathering doctrine from any text of Scripture. The third, teaching the true manner of confirmation, illustration, and application of doctrines, rightly gathered from the true sense of Scripture. The third teaching the right true manner of confirmation illustration, and application of doctrines, rightly gathered form the true sense of Scripture. [sic] Serving generall for a helpe to the understanding of all, that desire to know and obey the will of God in holy write; but more especially for all young students in divinity, that they may more easily understand the language of Canaan and Greeke, and make a profitable use of them in preaching. The fifth edition, corrected and amended. With foure tables newly added, the first of the Scripture, the second of the Hebrew words, the third of the Greeke words explained, and the fourth an alphabeticall table of the chiefe things contained in the booke. By Iohn Weemse of Lathoquar, in Scotland, preacher of Christ Gospel
Extent[24], 312 p.
Publisherprinted by Thomas Cotes and are to be sold by Iohn Bellamie, dwelling at the three golden Lyons in Corne hill, neere the Royall Exchange



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