The strong helper, offering to beare euery mans burden. Or, A treatise teaching in all burdens and troubles of minde, how to obtaine ease, helpe and comfort at the hands of God

Publication Date1609
Remainderbut chiefly deliuering infallible grounds of comfort, for the quieting of troubled conscience that are oppressed with accusing thoughts, (vnder the title of the sixt burden) where all those subtile and dangerous obiections wherewith satan seeketh to repell and keepe out hope in the hearts of such weake ones are fully answered out of the word of God. Collected by Iohn Haiward. The contents of the treatise you shall finde after the preface
Extent[16], 352 p.
PublisherPrinted by William Hall, for Elizabeth Burby, widow, and are to be sold at her shop in Pauls Church-yard, at the signe of the Swan


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