Bovvels opened, or, A discovery of the neere and deere love, union and communion betwixt Christ and the Church, and consequently betwixt Him and every beleeving soule

Publication Date1639
RemainderDelivered in divers sermons on the fourth fifth and sixt chapters of the Canticles. By that reverend and faithfull minister of the Word, Doctor Sibs, late preacher unto the honourable societie of Grayes Inne, and Master of Katharine Hall in Cambridge. Being in part finished by his owne pen in his life time, and the rest of them perused and corrected by those whom he intrusted with the publishing of his works
Extent[22], 116, 116-126, [1], 127-181, [1], 182-205, 205-240, 240-251, 253-269, [1], 270-286, 286-299, [1], 300-313, 313-495, [25] p.
PublisherPrinted by G[eorge] M[iller] for George Edwards in the Old Baily in Greene-Arbour at the signe of the Angell




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