The bloudy rage of that great Antechrist [sic] of Rome and his superstitious adherents, against the true Church of Christ and the faithfull professors of his Gospell

Publication Date1624
RemainderDeclared at large in the historie of the Waldenses and Albigenses, apparently manifesting vnto the world the visibilitie of our Church of England, and of all the reformed Churches throughout Christendome, for aboue foure hundred and fiftie yeares last past. Diuided into three parts. The first concernes their originall beginning ... The second containes the historie of the Waldenses called Albingenses The third concerneth the doctrine and discipline which hath bene common amongst them, and the confutation of the doctrine of their aduersaries. All which hath bene faithfully collected out of the authors named in the page following the preface, by I.P.P. M. Translated out of French by Samson Lennard
Extent[16], 66, [2], 144, 143, [1], 103, [1] p.
PublisherPrinted [by Richard Field, John Beale, Eliot's Court Press, and Thomas Snodham] for Nathanael Newbery, and are to be sold at the signe of the Starre vnder Saint Peters Church in Cornhill, and in Popes-head Alley



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