The vvriting schoolemaster

Publication Date1590
Remainderconteining three bookes in one; the first, teaching swift writing; the second, true writing; the third, faire writing. The first booke, entituled; The arte of brachygraphie: that is, to write as fast as a man speaketh treatably, writing but on letter for a word: verie commodious for the generall encrease ... of learning in all estates and degrees: the knowledge whereof may easilie be attained by the one moneths studie, and ... practise. The proofe alreadie made by diuers schollers therein. The second boooke [sic]: named, The order of orthographie: shewing the perfect method to write true orthographie in our English tongue, as it is now generally printed, vsed, and allowed, of the best & most learned writers: ... The third booke; is, The key of calygraphie: opening the readie waie to write faire in verie short time, by the obseruations of necessarie rules ... and by the imitation of the best examples that may be procured. Inuented by Peter Bales. I. Ianu. I590
Extent[130] p.
LocationImprinted at London
PublisherBy Thomas Orwin: and are to be solde at the authors house in the vpper ende of the Old Bayly, where he teacheth the said artes


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