Newes from Ipswich

Publication Date1636
RemainderDiscovering certaine late detestable practises of some domineering lordly prelates, to undermine the established doctrine and discipline of our church, extirpate all orthodox sincere preachers and preaching of Gods word, usher in popery, superstition an idolatry; withtheir late notorious purgations of the new fastbooke, contrary to his Majesties proclamation, and their intolerable affront therein offred to the most illustrious Lady Elizabeth, the Kings onely sister, and her children, (even whiles they are now royally entertained at court) in blotting them out of the collect; and to his Majesty himselfe, his queene, and their royall progeny, in dashing them out of the number of Gods elect
Extent[8] p.
LocationPrinted at Ipswich [i.e. London?]


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