Scotland's soveraignty asserted

Publication Date1698
RemainderBeing a dispute concerning homage, against those who maintain that Scotland is a feu, or fee-liege of England, and that therefore the king of Scots ows [sic] homage to the king of England. Wherein there are many judicious reflections upon most of the English historians who wrote before the year 1600. and abundance of considerable passages, which illustrate the history of both kingdoms. By Sir Thomas Craig, author of the book de Feudis. Translated from the Latin manuscript, and a preface added ... lately found in the archives of England, and publish'd in a single sheet, by Mr. Rymer, the King's historiographer
Extent[2], xliv, [2], 430 p.
Publisherprinted for Andrew Bell, at the Cross-Keys and Bible in Cornhil



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