A dreadful relation, of the cruel, bloudy, and most inhumane massacre and butchery, committed on the poor Protestants, in the dominion of the Duke of Savoy

Publication Date1655
Remainderby his souldiers, with some French and bloudy Irish joyned together: where they destroyed thousands, both men, women and children, without mercy; tearing little sucking infants limb from limb before their mothers faces, and dashing their brains out against the rocks; and afterwards ripping up the bowels of the mothers, cutting off their breasts, and turning women with childe, and some lying in, out of dores, in the midst of winter in frost and snow, who perished by cold in the mountains. Cutting off the ears, then the nose, fingers and toes; then the legs, arms and privie members of men, some being above fourscore years, and so torturing them to death, because they would not forsake their religion and turn papists: the like cruelties were never known nor heard of before. The truth of this sad story was sent to his Highness the Lord Protector, who appointed a general fast throughout this nation, and ordered relief to be gathered, and sent to those who escaped the hands of these bloudy wretches, and are ready to perish for want, in the mountains. To the tune of, The bleeding heart.
Extent1 sheet ([1] p.)
Publisherprinted for Iohn Andrews, at the White Lyon in the Old-Bayly


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