Certain acts of Parliament appointed to be read yearly in parish churches

Publication Date1681
Remainder1. An Act for yearly prayer for the delivery of the King from the Gunpowder Treason November 5. 2. An Act against profane swearing and cursing. 3. An act for a perpetual anniversary thanksgiving on the 29 of May, for his Majesties happy restauration. 4. An Act for the burying in wooling, and the additional Act.As also 5. The Kings proclamation for the observing of the 30. of January. Gloucester. Diocesse October 5. 1681. The ministers of each parish are required to read these Acts of Parliament in their several churches, as the law directs, as also the Kings proclamation for the observing the 30 of January, and to signifie their performance thereof by a certificate under the hands of the church-wardens to be sent into my Lord Bishops registry at Gloucester yearly at Michaelmas Richard Parsons Chancellor
Extent16, 4 p.
Publisherprinted by L[eonard]. L[ichfield]


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