Lilly's new Erra Pater. Or, A prognostication for ever

Publication Date1695
RemainderWhereby any man may learn to give a true and certain judgment of the weather throughout the whole year; so as to foretel whether rain, snow, hail, vvind, or thunder, shall happen in any moneth of the year, or day for ever, with aboundance of ease, delight, and satisfaction. Whereby also any may fore-know or prophesie of peace, or vvar, health or sickness, want or plenty, or death of corn or cattel, that may befal in any year, according to Haly, Guidobonatur, Ptolomy, and Lilly. With most excellent and approved rules for preserving the body in health. To which are added sundry very useful and profitable observations in husbandry, according to the twelve moneths of the year. VVith allowance
Extent[24] p.
PublisherPrinted for J[oshua]. Conyers at the Black Raven in Fetter-lane



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