Riders dictionarie

Publication Date1649
Remaindercorrected and augmented with the addition of many hundred words both out of thelaw, and out of the Latine, French, and other languages, such as were and are with us in common use, but never printed till now, to the perfecting of the worke. The barbarous words which were many hundreds are expunged, to the helpe of young scholars, which before they used in stead of good words. In the end of the dictionarie you shall finde certaine generall heads of birds, colours, dogs, fishes, hawkes, hearbs, numbers, stones, trees, weights. Lastly, the names of the chiefe places and townes in England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c. which were never in Riders before. Also hereunto is annexed certaine tables of weights and measures, the valuation of auncient and moderne coines; as also a table of the Hebrew, Greek, and Latine measures, reduced to our English Standard ... Whereunto is joyned a dictionarie etymologicall, deriving each word from his proper fountaine, ... Now newly corrected and much augmented by Francis Holy-Oke
Extent[1604] p.
Publisherprinted by Felix Kingston, for Andrew Crooke




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