Sermons on the following subjects. I. Salvation by the cross of Christ, a Doctrine of Offence in all Ages. II. The knowledge of sin by the law. III. The Necessity of Maintaining a good Conscience, and the Extent of it. IV. On the Gospel, and the Nature of Faith in it. V. The Great Sin of Unbelief. VI. The dreadful End of Unbelief. Vii. Alarming Visitations Proofs of God's Love. Viii. Christ the only Refuge. IX. On Simon the Pharisee, and the Woman that was a Sinner. X. The Christian's Character, and inviolable Safety. XI. Personal Obedience, and imputed Righteousness not to be separated. XII. On Christian Happiness. XIII. The Judgment of the Last Day. XIV. On the Heavenly Happiness. By H. Venn, A. M. Late Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge, and Lecturer of St. Alban's, Wood-Street

Publication Date1759
Publisherprinted for J. Townsend, in Fleet-Street; E. Dilly, in the Poultry; and T. Field, in Cheapside



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