Two groatsworth of wit for a penny. Or The English Fortune-teller

Publication Date1680
RemainderDiscovering to wives, widows, maids and batchelors, their good or bad fortune by the moles in the face, and the lines of the hand and by dreams. As whether a man shall be rich or poor? whether [sic] he shal live long or not? Whether he shall ever marry? and [sic] how many wives, or husbands, a man or woman shall have? Also what sickness or infirmities attend any one? and likewise what losses and crosses are likely to befal any person: and lastly, whether a man or woman shall dye a natural, or untimel death. And furthermore, here is a most rare, excellent, and delightfull discourse of nature of moles: as by the moles of the face or hand, to discover the moles that are hid fromour sight, with a judgement on them, as they foreshew riches or poverty. Happiness or misery, being in any part of the body. Into which now is added, a most choice discourse of interpretation of dreams, after a more exact way discovered than formerly. Published by those famous astrologers Mr. Rich. Saunders, and Dr. Coelson. Licensed and entred according to order
Extent16 p.
PublisherPrinted for J[oshua]. Conyers at the Black Raven over against Ely-House in Holbourn



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