The most pleasant history of Ornatus and Artesia

Publication Date1656
RemainderShewing, the tyrannical and wicked reign of Th?on King of Phrygia; who having slain his lawful soveraign, usurped the kingdom, and grievously opprested the people, was afterwards murthered by one of his own servants. Wit the manner of his son Lenon's falling in love with the beautiful Artesia, his several strange and unheard of plots contrived to attain his desires, and the miseries she endured thereby; till by the prudence, valour and fortitude of Ornatus, she was set at liberty. Also, how by the assistance of th King of Armenia, and the policy of Phylastes, Ornatus recovered the kingdom (to which he was right heir) and afterwards he and Artesia (being royally married together) crowned king and queen of Phrygia
Extent[80] p.
Publisherprinted by E. Alsop, dwelling near the Upper Pump in Grubstreet



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