The antipathie of the English lordly prelacie, both to regall monarchy, and civill unity: or, An historicall collection of the severall execrable treasons, conspiracies, rebellions, sedition, state-schismes, contumacies, anti-monarchicall practices, & oppressions of our English, Brittish, French, Scottish, and Irish lordly prelates, against our kingdomes, lawes, liberties; and of the severall warres, and civill dissentions occasioned by them in, or against our realm, in former and latter ages

Publication Date1641
RemainderTogether with the judgement of our owne ancient writers, & most judicious authors, touching the pretended divine jurisdiction, the calling, lordlinesse, temporalties, wealth, secular imployments, trayterous practises, unprofitablenesse, and mischievousnesse of lordly prelates, both to King, state, Church; with an answer to the chiefe objections made for the divinity, or continuance of their lordly function. The first part. By William Prynne, late (and now againe) an utter-barester of Lincolnes Inne
Extent[32], 84, [7], 96-168 p., 169-176 leaves, 179-287, 280-290, [8], 291-306 p., 307-310 leaves, 311-337, [1]; [16], 201-292, 289-304, [18], 305-376, 307-362, [2], 363-531, [3] p.
Publisherprinted by authority for Michael Sparke senior


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