The signal loyalty and devotion of God's true saints and pious Christians

Publication Date1680
Remainderespecially in this our island towards their kings: (as also of some idolatrous pagans) Both before, and under the law and gospel; expressed by their private and publick prayers, supplications, intercessions, thanksgivings, well-wishes for the health, safety, long life, prosperity, temporal, spiritual, eternal felicity of the kings and emperours under whom they lived, whether pagan or Christian, bad or good, heterodox or orthodox, Papists or Protestants, persecutors or protectors of them and likewise for their royal issue, posterity realms; and by their dutiful conscientious obedience and subjection to them; with the true reasons thereof from scripture and policy. Evidenced by presidents and testimonies in all ages, worthy the knowledg, imitation, and serious consideration of our present degenerated disloyal, antimonarchical generation. In two parts. By William Prynne Esq; late bencher, and reader of Lincolns-Inne
Extent[22], 96, [2], 64, 57-260, 263-321, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Edward Thomas, at the Adam and Eve in Little-Britain. 1680. Where you may be furnished with most of this learned authors works, and a printed catalogue


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