A request to Roman Catholicks to answer the queries upon these their following tenets

Publication Date1687
RemainderI. Their divine service in an unknown tongue. II. Their taking away the cup from the people. III. Their with-holding the Scriptures from the laicks. IV. The adoration of images. V. The invocation of saints and angels. VI. The doctrine of merit. VII. Purgatory. VIII. Their seven sacraments. IX. Their priests intention in baptism. X. The limbo of unbaptized infants. XI. Transubstantiation. XII. The propitiatory sacrifice of the mass. XIII. Private masses. XIV. The sacrament of penance. XV. The sacrament of marriage, with the clergies restraint therefrom. XVI. Their sacrament of extream unction. XVII. Tradition. XXVIII [sic]. That thred-bare question, where was your Church before Luther? XIX. The infallibility of the pope with his councils. XX. The pope's supremacy. XXI. The pope's deposing power. XXII. Their uncharitableness to all other Christians. By a moderate son of the Church of England
Extent[4], 43, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Brab. Aylmer, at the Three Pigeons over against the Royal Exchange in Cornhil



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