The Royall entertainment, presented by the loyalty of the city, to the royalty of their soveraign, on Thursday the fourth of July 1660. When the city of London invited his Majesty, the Duke of York, the Duke of Glocester, and their royall retinue, to a feast in the Guild-hall, London, to which the King was conducted by the chiefest of the city companies on horse-back, entertained by the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and Common-Counsill, guarded from White-hall to Guild-hall by the artillery-men, led by the illustrious James duke of York; met by diverse pageants, wit sundry devices, and the livery attending in [the]ir order. The hall was richly appointed with costly hangings, the floores raised, organs erected [wit]h all sorts of Musick, performed by the ablest masters in England, with all varieties that art, plen[...], and curiosity can present, to the tune o Packingtons pound

Publication Date1660
Extent1 sheet ([1] p.)
Publisherprinted for Francis Grove on Snow-[Hill]


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