A warning from the spirit of truth

Publication Date1658
Remainderunto all persecutors, and enemies of the dear children of God, who follow the Lamb, and are the meek of the earth. And a plain information, and direction, for the ignorant, who know not the way of God, nor the voice of his true prophet who is the light, and life of men. With a tender visitation of Gods truth, to the inhabitants of the town and county of Pool. And a call and warning of love, unto the people called Anabaptists. With some queries to be answered with Gods witness, in the professors of the Scriptures, who have denied the light, and life that gave them forth. Also a terrible word to such who live in rioting, and drunkenness, and unclean practises. With a true voice, and revelation of God, unto all the sons and daughters of the father Adam. From a lover of the seed of the promise, a witness to the eternal light and power of God, and a friend to the everlasting peace, of all mankinde, who have forsaken all, to follow the lamb, in the pathes of righteousness, truth and peace, for whose eternal testimony, I now suffer bonds, and afflictions, and am numbed, among trangressours, at the House of correction, in the common goal at Winchester: who am known to the world by the name of William Bayly
Extent[4], 42 p.


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