The preternatural state of animal humours described

Publication Date1696
Remainderby their sensible qualities, which depend on the different degrees of their fermentation. And the cure of each particular cacochymia is performed by medicines of a peculiar specific taste, described. To this treatise are added two appendixes. I. About the nature of fevers, and their ferments, and cure by particular tastes. II. Concerning the effervescence and ebullition of the several cacochymia's; on which all inflammations, tumours, pains, and fluxes of humours depend; especially those in the gout and asthma and the particular tastes of the medicines curing ebullitions, are described. By the author of the Pharmaco-basanos
Extent[24], 264 p.
Publisherprinted by W. Downing, for Michael Johnson. And are to be sold by Robert Clavel, Sam. Smith, and Benjamin Walford, in St. Paul's Church-Yard


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