The modern gazetteer

Publication Date1773
Remainderor, a short view of the several nations of the world. Absolutely necessary for rendering the public news, and other historical occurrences, intelligible and entertaining. Containing, I. An introduction to geography; with directions for the use of the terrestrial globe. II. The situation and extent of all the empires, kingdoms, states, provinces, and chief towns, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America: also, a description of the most considerable seas, lakes, rivers, and mountains, all ranged in alphabetical order. III. The produce, manufactures, trade, constitution, forces, revenues, and religion, of the several countries. IV. The genealogies and families of the emperors, kings, and princes, now reigning. By Mr. Salmon, author of the New geographical grammar, published by the King's authority. The ninth edition, carefully corrected, with considerable improvements. By Mr. Potter. And a new set of maps, viz. the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Germany.
Publisherprinted for E. Ballard, Bowyer and Nichols, J. Beecroft, W. Strahan, J. Hinton, J. Rivington, W. Johnston, T. Longman, G. Keith, Hawes, Clarke and Collins, S. Crowder, B. Law, T. Lowndes, T. Caslon, E. and C. Dilly, T. Becket, H. Baldwin, T. Cadel, G. Robinson, W. Domville, H. S. Woodfall, and R. Baldwin


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