England's mercury, or, An ephemeris for the year of Christ 1690

Publication Date1690
RemainderBeing the second after bissextile or leap-year, and from the creation, according to Scripture, 5639. Containing the longitude, latitude, and aspects of the planets; a new table of houses, (never before published,) astrological observations, eclipses, lunations, tides, terms, rising and setting of the Sun and Moon, and variety of other matter, befitting such a subject, not in any other extant. Fitted to the meridian of the august City of London, whose latitude is 51 deg. 32 min. and longitude 24 deg. 20 min. By John Whalley Esq; student in physick, astrology, and other parts of the mathematicks
Extent[48] p.
Publisherprinted by W.H. for the Company of Stationers



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