Thesaurarium mathematicæ, or The treasury of the mathematicks

Publication Date1692
RemainderContaining variety of usefull practices in arithmetick, geometry, trigonometry, astronomy, geography, navigation and surveying. As also the mensuration of board, glass, tiling, paving, timber, stone, and irregular solids. Likewise it teacheth the art of gauging, dialling, fortification, military-orders, and gunnery: explains the logarithms, sines, tangents and secants: sheweth their use in arithmetick, &c. To which is annexed a table of 10000 logarithms, log-sines and log-tangents. Illustrated wit several mathematical sculptures on copper plates. By John Taylor, Gent. Licensed, June 26. 1686. Rob. Midgley
Extent[20], 328, [3], 340-507, [3] p., [8] plates (7 folded)
Publisherprinted by J. H[eptinstall] for W. Freeman at the Bible over against the Middle-Temple Gate in Fleetstreet



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