A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, with their resolution

Publication Date1642
RemainderThat if Captaine Clifton, Capt. Catesby, Capt. Lilborne, Capt. Vivers, or any others, which are or shall be taken prisoners, by his Majesties army, shall be put to death, or any other hurt or violence offered to their persons, for their faithfull endeavours in the Parliaments service, the like punishment shall be inflicted by death, or otherwise, upon such prisoners, as have bin or shall bee taken by the forces raised by authority of both Houses of Parliament. Also that if Judge Heath, or any other Minister of Iustice shall doe contrary to this Ordinance, they for so doing shall be proceeded against, and dealt with, as enemies to the King and kingdome. Die Sabbathi, Decemb. 17, 1642. Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that this Declaration be forthwith printed and published. Iohn Browne, Cler. Parl.
Extent[8] p.
PublisherDecemb. 19. Printed for John Wright in the Old-Bailey


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