An appendix to The description and use of the globes. Containing, I. Animadversions upon the Structure, Apparatus, &c. of a Set of New Globes lately published; as also on the Book of their Uses. II. A New Construction of Orreries, with the great Variety of Phaenomena they represent, and the extreme Degree of Exactness at a small Expence. III. Mr. Graham's New Instrument for finding the Latitude at Sea by two Observations on the Altitude of the Sun or Stars. IV. The Use of the Globe in finding the true Distance of the Moon from the Sun or a Star, by the observed Distance. V. The Rationale of correcting the Places of the Stars on the Celectial Globe when necessary. VI. The Principles of the ancient Canicular Astronomy explained by Theory and Calculations. Vii. An Abstract of Mr. Hornsby's Account of the ensuing Transit of Venus; with Directions subjoined for making a Helioscope to view the Phases to the best Advantage. Viii. Postscript to the Reviewers Remarks. The Whole illustrated by a large Copper-Plate

Publication Date1766
RemainderBy Benj. Martin
Publisherprinted for, and sold by the author, in Fleet-Street, and by the booksellers in city and country


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