A glorious victorie, obtained by Sir VVilliam VValler, and Sir William Balfoure, against the Lord Hoptons forces, neere Alsford, on Friday last March 29

Publication Date1644
RemainderBeing an exact relation of the whole manner of the fight, which continued from eight of the clock the same morning, till six at night, wherein the Lord Hoptons forces were routed, with the taking of all their ordinance and ammunition, bagge, and baggage, and his army put to flight: the lord Iohn (brother to the Duke of Lenox) the Earle of Forth, generall of his Majesties foot-forces, the Lord Ruthen, and divers other eminent persons slaine. With the names of severall commanders and officers of note which were then taken prisoners. Sent in a letter from an intelligent officer in the armie to his friend in London with a true coppie of the thanksgiving for the same, appointed to be read in all churches abou London on the Lords day. March 31. Printed according to order
Extent[1], 1-2, 4-5, p. 5, 7-8 p.
PublisherApril 1. Printed for Thomas Bates, and are to be sold in the Old Baily


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