Salus electorum, sanguis Jesu: or, The death of death in the death of Christ

Publication Date1799
RemainderBeing a treatise of the redemption and reconciliation that is in the blood of Christ: wherein the whole controversy about universal redemption, is fully discussed: in four parts. [I.] Declaring the eternal counsel and distinct actual concurrence of the Holy Trinity, unto the work of redemption, in the blood of Christ; with the covenated intendment and accomplished end of God therein [II.] Removing false and supposed ends of the death of Christ, with the distinctions invented to salve the manifold contradictions of the pretended universal atonement, rightly stating the controversy. III. Containing arguments against universal redemption, from the word of God; with an assertion of the satisfaction and merit of Christ. IV. Answering all considerable objections, as yet brought to light, either by the Arminians, or others (their late followers, as to this point) in the behalf of universal redemption; with a large unfolding of all the texts of scripture, by any produced and wrested to that purpose. By John Owen, D.D
PublisherPrinted and sold by T. Johnston




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