Bibliotheca Oweniana, sive Catalogus librorum plurimis facultatibus insignium, instructissimę bibliothecę Rev. Doct. vir. D. Joan. Oweni, (quondam Vice-Cancellarii & Decani Edis-Christi in Academia Oxoniensi) nuperrime? defuncti

Publication Date1684
RemainderCum variis manuscriptis Grecis, Latinis, &c. propria manu Doct. Patric. Junii aliorumq[ue] conscriptis. Quorum auctio habebitur Londini apud Domum Auctionariam ex adverso Nigri Cygni, in vico vulgo? dicto Ave-Mary-Lane, prope? Ludgate-Street, vicesimo sexto die Maii, 1684. Per Edwardum Millingtonum, bibliopolam
Extent[4], 32; 32 p.
PublisherCatalogues are distributed, at Mr. Nott's at the Queen's Arms in Pell-Mell; at Mr. Wilkinson's, at the Black-Boy in Fleetstreet; Mr. Miller's at the Acorn in St. Paul's Church-Yard; Mr. Ponder, at the Peacock in the Poultry, booksellers. by Mr. H. Cruttenden at the Theatre in Oxford, and Mr. Francis Hicks, bookseller in Cambridg


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