Scotlands publick acknowledgement of Gods just judgement upon their nation for their frequent breach of faith, leagues, and solemne oathes made to their neighbours of England

Publication Date1646
Remainderin former ages, to gratifie their treacherous confederates of France. Recorded in their own publick liturgie, printed at Edenborough by Thomas Bassandine, Anno. Dom. 1575, page 54, 57, 58, und this title, Prayers used in the churches of Scotland in the time of their persecution by the Frenchmen (in the year 1560) from whose tyranny and vassalage, they were then delivered by the Free Brotherly Assistance and forces of the English, to whom they had been formerly persidious. Published to prevent the like breach of solemn leagues, oaths, and covenants between both nations now (for fear of incurring the like, or a worse judgement,) by a well-wisher to both kingdomes
Extent1 sheet ([1] p.)
LocationPrinted at London
Publisherfor M.S


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