Jurors judges of law and fact: or, certain observations of certain differences in points of law

Publication Date1650
Remainderbetween a certain reverend judg, called Andr. Horn, and an uncertain author of a certain paper, printed by one Francis Neale this year 1650. styled, A letter of due censure and redargution to Lievt. Col. John Lilburn, touching his tryall at Guild-Hall, London in Octob. 1649. subscribed H.P. Written by John Jones, gent. not for any vindication of Mr. Lilburn ... Nor of my self, but of what I have written much contrary to the tenants of this letter; and for the confirmatio of the free people of England, that regard their libertie, propertie, and birthright, to beleev and stand to the truth that I have written, so far as they shall finde it ratified by the lawes of God and this land; and to beware of flatterers that endevor to seduce them under colour of good counsel to betray their freedoms to perpetual slavery
Extent[24], 94, [2]
Publisherprinted by W.D. for T.B. & G.M. at the three Bibles in Pauls church-yard, near the west end




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